• A wide range of local and international bedsheets

  • Durable and unique colours to fit any interiors

  • Order custom-made bed sheets Colombo


Our range of bedding solutions is designed with three factors in mind—comfort, durability, and style. With ease, shop from fitted to flat sheets, duvets, stripe cotton sheets Colombo, or lofty pillows.

Whether you’re looking to buy sheets for your guestroom or plan a total makeover of your master bedroom, we have everything you’re looking for under one roof.


Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom—why not make this haven of comfort a stylish one as well? Shop from our premium bedding solutions for stripe bedsheets with a rainbow of colours available in all primary sizes. Thinking of custom sizes? We’ve got you covered too.


Buying the perfectly fitted bed sheet has never been easier. Our smooth fitted bed sheets are designed to fit even the thickest mattresses. With elastic bands on the four sides, you will never have to put your sheets on the wrong way. Your fitted sheets are durable enough to last years with our signature cotton blend, superior stitching techniques, and exceptional quality.


The comfort of your bed is vital in getting a restful night of sleep. That’s why our bedsheets aim to provide comfort and style with every stitch. Brighten up your room or create delightful themes with every purchase you make.


Let the kids have a tumble of fun with delightful prints and colours to suit their active lifestyle. Shop from our range of kids bedsheets in store.


Bedspreads are a quick fix to brighten up your bedroom’s interior in no time at all. These sheets can be used as a protective layer over your bed as well.


Duvets are also known as comforters and are an essential part of luxury bedding. These hotel-grade duvets are ideal for a blissful night of sleep all year through and give you the serenity of falling asleep amongst lofty clouds. Our duvets Colombo have been designed to keep our local tropical weather in mind for extra breathable comfort.


Choose from microgel or microfibre pillows under one roof.